Give Up >> The Postal Service Mailed + YACHT Sailed into Phoenix [Comerica Theatre]

YACHT >> set sail back to Phoenix last week opening up a show celebrating the 10-year anniversary of The Postal Service debut and only full length studio release Give Up.

YACHT >> Comerica Theatre

The show was a sellout but you wouldn't know it from the crowd that showed up on time when YACHT took stage. There was only about 50 people in the pit, which is roughly 1% of the venue's total capacity. Perhaps YACHT brought the LA Lakers fan-syndrome with them because it was jam-packed in the second half and the audience was certainly ready to party.

Jona and Claire of YACHT performed really well as expected but I was bummed they didn't have much of a crowd to feed off of. I was expecting really big things on a big stage but what we got, and to no fault of YACHT, was probably great footage for their upcoming show Support which brings to light the craziness of being an opening act. Comerica only gave them 40 minutes to play but they optimized the shit out of that short window playing all the greats from Shangri-La and their newest jam 'Second Summer'.

The Postal Service >> Comerica Theatre

By the time Ben Gibbard and the balance of The Postal Service took stage, Comerica Theatre definitely looked like what a sellout crowd looks like. It's crazy to think that Give Up is 10 years old now but it certainly is. I checked. Online. That album was ahead of its time and this year its staying power warranted an anniversary tour along with several festival headlines in 2013.

I was present for pretty much their entire set during the first weekend at Coachella but thanks to vodka and friends I barely remember anything. Thus, I'm mega pleased to have witnessed an epic performance and album rendition with a clear mind and only clear H20 down the hatch. Looking forward to seeing this super group again at Lollapalooza in Chicago though that will also likely be Blackout City in the Windy City.



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