Krewella >> Killin It in Scottsdale [Wild Knight]

Krewella >> came into AZ last weekend for a double-dose desert set starting in Tucson and capping off the evening in Scottsdale, where they were fuckin Killin It. Predator. Rapture. Killin It.

Krewella >> Wild Knight

Tranzit got the jam-packed Old Town crowd warmed up with some super sick crunchy electro. I swear to Jebus he gets 10 times more dope every time I see him drop it and I'm pleased to see that this is going to be a huge year for him.

Krewella is already having a monster 2013 as well. It was only a year ago when the Chicago-based krew flew onto my radar thanks to some nasty collabs with some of my favorite artists, namely Adventure Club, and now they're headlining festivals like Ultra in Miami. This year they are like Derek Zoolander's friends smoking a cig after a gasoline fight - THEY ARE BLOWING THE FUCK UP! See what I did there.

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Anyway, it was 12:30 sharp when Rain Main strolled on up to the booth rocking the signature diagonal back 5150 and out followed Yasmine and Jahan donning black skinnies and shredded tanks. Jahan was rep-ing the Windy City proper with her Bulls hat sideways too. I love their style and if you know me you know that my dome is also wealthy with New Era caps.

The trio eased into the set mashing up some international flavor throwbacks in 'The Night Out' and such but it was about 45 minutes in when shit just turned bananas. The juicy beats started to pop harder and their self-produced tracks got laid down. I was looking forward to the vocals to go down live but the only use of the mic was Yasmine telling us to put our hands up. Oh well, the crowd singing every damn word of 'Come & Get It', 'Killin It' and 'Alive' would have superseded them anyway I guess.

I love this krew! They are so much fun and cannot wait to see them again. I just might have to get on their tour circuit because 'I Can't Control Myself'!



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