Coachella 2013 >> Weekend 1 Strategy + Awards

Coachella 2013 >> weekend 1 is in the books and this festival was killer - like in all contexts. Obvi the music was superb each day of the extravaganza and in addition my brain, body and internal organs are no longer with us. RIP, feet. I'll never forget you, liver.

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Everyone has been asking me who was my favorite and I cannot simply answer that. I cannot even say which day was my favorite. The weekend was just full of so many surprises, from subtle to stupendous, so how about I share with you my strategy and a few highlights from each day via this hungover award ceremony. Deal with it. I need some sleep.

Coachella 2013 >> W1 Friday Strategy

FRIDAY: Youth Lagoon >> Jake Bugg >> Aesop Rock >> Divine Fits >> Japandroids >> Passion Pit >> Modest Mouse >> Yeah Yeah Yeahs >> Blur >> Jurassic 5 >> How To Destroy Angels >> Bassnectar

Best Performance: Yeah Yeah Yeahs [good to have you back Karen O & Co]

Bucket List Satisfier: Blur [sunshine in a bag]

Great Seeing Again: Modest Mouse [hurry up w/ the new album please]

Most Fun Dancing: Passion Pit [did my feet eat Molly?]

Best Stage: Main Stage [hence the aforementioned, only moved forward for 5 hours]

Fan Converter: How To Destroy Angels [you had me at hello, Trent..again]

MISC: I'm sad I missed Purity Ring again, Japandroids fucking rule always and I don't understand the hullabaloo over Jake Bugg and Aesop Rock.

Coachella 2013 >> W1 Saturday Strategy

SATURDAY: Biffy Clyro >> 2 Chainz >> Kill The Noise >> Puscifer >> Bingo Players >> Major Lazer >> Fedde Le Grand >> Hot Chip >> The Postal Service >> The xx >> 2 Door Cinema Club >> Phoenix

Best Performance: Hot Chip [all around great]

Worst Performance: 2 Chainz [way to also be 20 min late for a 50-min set]

Bucket List Satisfier: Hot Chip [yeah they get the love again for the first time]

Best Show I Can't Remember: The Postal Service [it was really great though!]

Most Fun Dancing: Fedde Le Grand and Bingo Players and Kill The Noise [ok fuck, next question]

Best Stage: Sahara [dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, duh]

Fan Converter: 2 Door Cinema Club [ok I was already a fan but now I'm a bigger fan]

Weirdest Place To Be Happy: The Do Lab [I'll describe this as an electric desert geyser in the future..yeah it doesn't make sense to me either]

Random Surprise: R. Kelly  w/ Phoenix [yeah what? that actually happened]

MISC: Major Lazer got into the crowd in a John Travolta Bubble Boy ball, the Sahara Tent is like being on a new planet every 50 minutes and The xx sounded really good but they were just making my feet and vodka very sad.

Coachella 2013 >> W1 Sunday StrategySUNDAY: The Airborne Toxic Event >> The Gaslight Anthem >> Grimes >> Social Distortion >> Tame Impala >> Vampire Weekend >> Pretty Lights >> Wu-Tang Clan

Best Performance: Grimes [she is fucking awesome and might be my new Alice Glass]

Best Performance: Vampire Weekend [I will give 2 of these awards and you'll like it]

Bucket List Satisfier: Red Hot Chili Peppers [Flea in full display why he is the shit and Kiedis had an epic mustache]

Most Fun Dancing: Vampire Weekend [helped us stay warm too]

Best Stage: Outdoor Theatre  [Pretty Lights & Wu-Tang w/ a good 1-2 punch]

Best Outfit: shorts and tanktop [it was fucking hot during the day]

Worst Outfit: shorts and tanktop [it was fucking cold at night!]

MISC: winds from hell and every other direction plagued us at dusk so we froze and ate a bunch of dirt in the last few hours of the night.

Pics and videos to follow ok? Just let me get some sleep please.

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