New Videos >> Digitalism at Wild Knight

Digitalism >> made their first trip to the valley on Wednesday and brought a nasty DJ set to everyone at Wild Knight in Scottsdale. They mixed in a ton of their own productions like 'Idealistic' and 'Blitz' while occasionally dropping in an eclectic ensemble of treats from other artists from Prodigy ['Smack My Bitch Up'] to M83 ['Midnight City'] and Michael Jackson ['Billie Jean'].

Digitalism >> Wild Knight

Aside from a few technical difficulties during the opener, it was a masterful set at my favorite spot in Old Town and it was uplifting to see the atypical Hump Day go-harders coming out to support zee Germans in their Scottsdale debut. Hopefully, they'll be back again this lifetime with the return snappy as EDM continues to advance and Phoenix proper salvages this artist outlet damaged from SB-1070. I'll spare the politics. Enjoy the electronic illness from Digitalism below and check out the rest on the zBORED YouTube channel.

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