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Pretty Lights >> set it off with a soulful set last night in downtown Phoenix. For whatever reason Araabmuzik didn't take stage so Derek Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, went on early and set tripped for about 2.5 hours at Comerica Theatre.

Pretty Lights >> Comerica Theatre

If you know me then you know how much I hate this venue. I won't get into that right now but I will say that this was one of the better sounding shows since the days of it being the Dodge Theatre and getting the hell out of Dodge was legit. Anyway, it was louder than shit as usual but everything was balanced. The light show was nasty too but I suppose that can be attributed to PL and his crew. This was a general admission show, a good call by the promoter and a first for me at this spot. I can appreciate the ability to dance if you want to [and leave your friends behind] or sit in the thousands of chairs if you want to be lame about it.

Pretty Lights got started quick and the set went from hard to melancholy and back several times throughout the night. He got after all of my favorite tracks from 'Sunday School' to 'Gold Coast Hustle' to 'I Know The Truth' so I was definitely pleased early on. He peaced us out and wrapped up with a new track called 'We Must Go On' which was a perfectly chill way to go out. This was a lot more fun than anything he's contributed to any of my playlists and this set was more impressive and intimate than the last time I saw him [Lollapalooza 2011].

It was a rough Wednesday morning but well worth getting down on a Tuesday night of lights and music. Enjoy the footage.

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