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Sleigh Bells @ the clubhouse > last night Derek and Alexis, the dual New Yorkers that make up Sleigh Bells, performed their Treats album live in Tempe. The show was short but sweet - literally. The 30-minute LP equated to a 30-minute show that started an hour late in front of a sellout crowd of 600 sweaty Phoenicians. But their electro-noise performance sounded great nonetheless and like all shows at the Clubhouse it was really fun.

I forgot to charge my Flip so, unfortunately, I have no noisy video to share but we did get to meet Alexis outside of the ladies latrine so in Sleigh Bells-like fashion I end this short and sweet blurb with the evidence. Cheers     :j Marc

sleigh bells @ the clubhouse

kristen & marc w/ alexis of sleigh bells

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