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DJ Hero 2 available today > this probably belongs in a gaming category but w/ all the great artists contributing and the nature of this video game I deemed it appropriate to feature for Tunesday.

DJ Hero > Daft Punk

I'm really not that into video games, for the most part. My free time is as scarce as it is and just about everything else in life takes priority. While I do own a PlayStation 3, I bought it for all of the non-gaming functionalities [Blu-Ray, Netflix, web, etc.] and my collection of games is exactly enough to be pluralized: NBA Live 2K10 and DJ Hero. The former I've played about 5 times and the latter I just couldn't get enough of. Truth be told, for that couple of weeks it took me to beat it I was incredibly addicted to it like crack is to crack-heads or Halo is to Halo-heads, per say.

The game is an interactive music experience allowing you to perform rad mash-ups and ill DJ battles to the tune of some fantastic artists like Daft Punk, David Bowie, Z-Trip, 2Pac, Blondie, The Killers and the list goes on. Basically, it's like Guitar Hero but a bit more challenging and comprised of a wider variety of artists.

Today the follow-up is released in the US and Canada: DJ Hero 2. This time with 2 turntables and a microphone to accompany the even more extensive set lists featuring more amazing artists like Deadmau5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sneaky Sound System, Justice, Tiesto and much more.

I'll be picking up the bundled combo [game plus equipment] later today. It'll be a fine interactive activity for the SLOSHBALL 2010.2 and Halloween hangovers to come in the next few weeks.

Holler if you want to battle this     :j Marc
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