Pinback >> Summer in Abaddon 10th Anniversary [Crescent Ballroom]

Pinback >> kicked off another tour Wednesday night in Phoenix at the Crescent Ballroom. This tour commemorates 10 years since the release of their 3rd studio album Summer In Abaddon. The duo performed each and every track of the celebrated release from front to back for the sellout crowd downtown.

Pinback >> Crescent Ballroom

While Summer In Abaddon isn't Pinback's debut album or even their best selling album it is arguably their most successful because it put them on the map and thus yielded much deserved attention. Thereafter, I witnessed Pinback shows with crowds tenfold those in the era of 'Boo' and 'Penelope'. These days they headline tours, necessitate bigger venues and even boast extra medium to large font on national festival lineups.

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The celebratory performance at Crescent was intimate, nostalgic, polished and perfect. Looking back, Zach Smith & Rob Crow have grown quite a bit since the early 2000's and although this was like my dozenth time in a Pinback crowd, it is more and more remarkable to see these guys continually fine-tune their craft yet still embrace that raw indie vibe that fans alike love.

Plus it was great to be part of a group all there to see Pinback instead of immersed in a crowd of oblivious tweens lined up to see The Neighbourhood like at VIVA PHX earlier this spring.

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I got to speak with Zach after the show about tour experiences, recording strategies and some other randomonium. Be on the lookout for my zTALK post and in the mean time, go check out Pinback on a Summer In Abaddon tour stop in a city near you. Do it!

Setlist: Non Photo-Blue * Sender * Syracuse * Bloods On Fire * Fortress * This Is Red Book * Soaked * 3X0 * The Yellow Ones * AFK * Scent * REQUESTS: Devil You Know * Boo * Good To Sea * Walters * Penelope * ENCORE: Loro



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