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Videos from Soundwave 2011 > last Friday have been added to the zBORED YouTube Channel. It was a shit ton of fun and if you didn't make it into the festival, check out the million videos I just posted from that night. If you did happen to be a part of this madness, still check out the videos to relive the magic and see/hear just what electronic illness this video shooting machine captured in the midst of eating an entire vodka tree [those types of trees might not exist].


Before the party I told you how much I was looking forward to Soundwave and how excited I was to see Kaskade and Z-Trip again. As anticipated, they killed it with some high-energy sets chocked with BPM for days. Kaskade didn't get to a lot of his old stuff that happen to be some of my favorites [ie, 'Here I Am' and 'Steppin' Out'] but he did hit us with a lot of the illest dance tracks from his recent mixes as well as some other hotness in the mix this year [ie, Avicii and Laidback Luke].

Phoenix's very own Z-Trip had the best set of the night and his homecoming was probably one of my favorite performances of his in the past decade. He mashed up some classic party jams like 'Money For Nothing' and 'Show Me Love', threw in some of his own production and laid down some experimental beats [lots of nasty wobble bass remixes in the later part of his set].

But I had never seen Dirty South or Manufactured Superstars before Soundwave and to my surprise they threw down some pretty dope sets too. Actually they killed it. They set it off proper early on while the crowd trickled in and made way to the main stage and got warmed up for the headliners. Below are just some my favorite videos I got from each of the main stage DJ's, definitely check out the other videos. There are just under a million and I got mad crazy angles so you can see how bananas it was everywhere. Enjoy. Do it.

Manufactured Superstars:

Dirty South:



PS > sorry it took a minute to add all these vidsbecause there were a million things going on last week [Chromeo, The Drums - videos for those coming soon so stay tuned].

PSS > I got to interview Z-Trip before his set; I'll get that up ASAP too :)

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