New Videos >> Chromeo at Marquee + The Drums at Sail Inn

Videos from Chromeo and The Drums > shows last week have posted to the zBORED YouTube channel. Both were in Tempe and both were fun to the max. It's so fucking superb that the desert fall weather is here again and mysteriously this brilliant climate brings about a slew of great artists doing it live night after night.

Chromeo at Marquee Theatre

Chromeo finally made it to the desert last Tuesday at Marquee Theatre. Finally. Last week in anticipation of the show I theorized they'd never been here in the last 6 years and if they did, it was completely under my music freak radar. Well, it was confirmed at the show during a brief political interlude that they haven't but not for political reasons as I suspected last year. It made me happy to be at a performance by an artist opposed to SB 1070 [they are first generation Canadian btw] but still made the trip to Arizona despite all of the misguided efforts of The Sound Strike. Check out my post about SB-1070's musical nemeses for more of the deets and my viewpoints as a music lover.

Politics aside, Chromeo delivered a fun, funky and body-moving show as expected and long-awaited. They opened with Fancy Footwork's intro track with everyone chanting 'Chro-me-o oh oh' so they pretty much took ownership of the crowd from the get go. Their nearly 2-hour set included all of their greatest shit over the years like 'Needy Girl', 'Bonafied Lovin' and 'Fancy Footwork' as well as a double-encore featuring 'Don't Turn the Lights On'. Sadly they didn't play my others jams '100%' or 'When The Night Falls' but nonetheless it was spectac to the max and I can't wait to party Chromeo-status again.

The Drums played the patio of Sail Inn on Thursday and it sounded great out there on a paradisal Tempe night. I just discovered these dudes earlier this year and just became a fan after seeing them in Chicago for Lollapalooza a few months ago. They've somehow slid into one of favorite newcomer bands and it's because all of their songs are super fun with tons of drums and keyboard. Check out the vid below of 'Money' which is my favorite song of theirs. I also really like 'Let's Go Surfing' [I want to go surfing!] but they didn't get to that one [or maybe they did early in the set, I was like 5 minutes late]. If you get an opportunity to check out The Drums. Do it.

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