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10 years > of Slowpoke was celebrated this weekend at the Sail Inn in Tempe. Friday's annual holiday show marked their 10-year anniversary and it was pleasantly and familiarly killer.

Snakeburner headlined and the Smith Family Band was also on the bill but the live rendition of Slowpoke's Yesterday's Gone was what the got the crowd going. Andy's slappin' da base and Bud's drumming along with with guitar/vocals from Alex and Derek created the nostalgia eggnog and brought everyone back to the beginning of it all. Each song was practically a collaboration with the audience as songs like 'Skullz' and 'Sleepy Chaser' were sung in unison with Derek.

Here's some scotch-infused footage of 'Tastes Like Burning' for your enjoyment [sorry about the thunderous drums and bass - apparently I was parked right next to the Andy and Bud speakers]     :j Marc

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