tunesday 12.7 > Daft Punk / deadmau5

Electronic bliss? > Daft Punk and deadmau5, two of the most iconic names in house, release albums today. Is this of the utmost excellence of pre-holiday gifts?

Not necessarily.

Daft Punk > TRON: Legacy

Daft Punk TRON: Legacy > the good news is that the new upcoming film from Disney will have a really kick-ass score. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the release is: a score and not a soundtrack in the traditional sense. With the exception of a few tracks, TRON: Legacy just lacks the high-octane you can usually expect from Daft Punk. My advice is to skip this release and wait for some follow-up TRON-mixes from Daft Punk or other artists.

deadmau5 > 4x4=12

deadmau5 4x4=12 > the deceased rodent is back with sick high-BPM infused release that changes moods throughout. The front half tracks are the strong, disco-endorsed beats that will get even Stephen Hawking to get up and move. Then there's the transition into the mild comedown, almost in a Kaskade-like fashion. Truth be told 4x4=12 is probably not as phenomenal as deadmau5's previous releases but still probably one of the top electronic outputs of the year overall. Get this album for your party, car, gym mix, whatever. Just get it because you are certain to enjoy.     :j Marc

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