Wild Nothing >> Nocturne in Phoenix [Crescent Ballroom]

Wild Nothing >> made a return to Phoenix proper for the first time in 4 years when the 5 gents from Virginia played downtown on Wednesday night. It was an indie dream spanning the last 6 years of 3 superb albums played live and direct for every walk of hipster ever invented under one roof in the iconic Crescent Ballroom.

Wild Nothing

Portland's fourtet Charlie Hilton opened the show with some somber yet excellent mood music for the soon to be crowded house. Although the entire band is nominated for Worst Hair Ever awards in 2016, the sound was wonderful and pure and looking forward to seeing this band bubble in the near future. Horatio Sanz and Macauly Culkin doppelgangers on keyboard and drums was distracting but fascinating nonetheless.

Next up the headliner Wild Nothing took stage and after a quick humble introduction came a sporadic sequence of songs sprinkled from Gemini, Nocturne and last year's studio release Life Of Pause. The undeniably talented frontman Jack Tatum and his scruffy bandmates played for about 1.5 hours and nailed every goddamn song in that span including 'Shadow' which was probably the pinnacle of the evening for me.

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The sound was great as always and the hipster crowd's fashion show introducing the summer line of technically wearable fabrics packed the ballroom for the ever so incredible show. Wild Nothing deserves a lot more of a following than they seemingly have. If you haven't given any of the aforementioned albums a listen, do yourself a favor and fucking do it already. You won't be disappointed and you can thank me with some RT's or some shit. Oh and check out what's left of this US tour before they head to Europe this summer. Do it!



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