Dum Dum Girls >> Coming Down in Vancouver [Biltmore Cabaret]

Dum Dum Girls >> headlined a fantastic show at the Biltmore Cabaret on Friday night to a welcoming, Pabst-sipping hipster crowd.

Dum Dum Girls >> Biltmore Cabaret

A couple of people I talked to were not particularly familiar with Dum Dum Girls’ music and some had not even heard of their opening act, Blouse. Nonetheless, people were unwinding from a long week and were excited to discover some awesome new music. What better place to do so than at the Biltmore?

For those of you who have never been inside, the Biltmore Cabaret is a fantastic venue in Vancouver to discover up-and-coming alternative bands and artists. There is a nice combination of lush, red velvet booths [for people who don’t want to smell 50 brands of shampoo in people’s hair] and a small but sufficient mosh area [for those who want to high-five the band].

However, the Biltmore is a comparatively small venue, which means sound can become a tad muffled at times. There was static feedback often but, after a couple of songs it either stopped or I was so into the music I stopped hearing it. Let’s go with the first one.

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Blouse, an ethereal pop trio from Portland, started the night off with music that really helped to set the vibe for the night. Members Charlie, Patrick, and Jacob were really absorbed in their songs and I could tell they were playing to showcase and spread their love for music. They created such a dreamlike atmosphere that I soon found myself daydreaming along with their music.

The Dum Dum Girls came on stage after a long break. I had never heard them live before and unf they were great! They played mostly from their newest album [Too True] with a couple of songs from their second album [Only in Dreams] their debut album [I Will Be] and their fourth EP [End of Daze]. I found that most of their songs sounded better when performed live compared to the studio versions. In particular, ‘I Got Nothing’ and ‘Coming Down’ were incredible. The guitars overpowered the vocals at times, but that was quickly fixed after the first couple of songs.

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They create such a hazy, relaxing vibe that it was near impossible to avoid swaying to their music. That immersion into the Dum Dum Girls’ world was so absolute that I found myself engrossed in their music for the entire set. That’s when you know you’re listening to some really good music.

Setlist: Bedroom Eyes * Wake Of You * I Will Be * He Gets Me High * I Got Nothing * Too True * Are You Okay? * Best Of Our Lives * It Only Takes * Under These Hands * Rimbaud Eyes * Lord Knows * Pale Saints



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