AFI >> A Fire Inside Tempe [Marquee Theatre]

AFI >> came back to Tempe to play Marquee Theatre on Sunday evening and it was a magnificent performance once again by Davey Havok and company. It has been almost 3 years since the band has performed in the desert and they came back to the very spot they last played to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album, Burials, which drops this Tuesday.

AFI >> Marquee Theatre

I previously mentioned Burials was the most highly anticipated album to drop in October and expected this tour to feature mostly songs from this release but I was dead wrong. AFI actually only performed 'I Hope You Suffer' which is the LP's first single.

I don't mean I'm glad they played limited new stuff because I haven't listened to the album yet, more so I'm ecstatic they played mostly classic shit from the last 15 years and performed with undeniable gusto, brilliance and perhaps newfound youth. Davey has gotten older but his voice is still stellar and his acrobatic stage persona still persists burning A Fire Inside.

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Half the songs came from either Sing The Sorrow or DECEMBERUNDERGROUND which are by far the best albums in my opinion, though I do love The Art Of Drowning mainly because 'Days Of The Phoenix' and 'Wester' are fucking legit.

I love that after the main set they came back out to encore with a super sick cover of 'Just Like Heaven' by The Cure. I've never heard AFI cover anything before and how fitting is it that they brilliantly paid homage to the king of emos with that masterful rendition. I hope it's not another 3 years before they return because I'm probably going to want to experience Burials alive.

Setlist: The Leaving Song Pt. II * Girl's Not Grey * I Hope You Suffer * Wester * Love Like Winter * Ever And A Day * 17 Crimes * File 13 * The Leaving Song * Beautiful Thieves * Kill Caustic * Bleed Black * Miss Murder * The Days Of The Phoenix * God Called In Sick Today * ENCORE: Just Like Heaven * Dancing Through Sunday * Silver And Cold



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