Steve Aoki >> Turbulence in Scottsdale [AXIS RADIUS]

Steve Aoki >> was in the the muthafuckin house. He made his return to the desert last night thanks to SLE & Disco Donnie Presents and this time he hit AXIS RADIUS in Scottsdale, throwing down a filthy 2-hour set in front of a sold out crowd coated with cake and showered in champagne.

Steve Aoki >> AXIS RADIUS

The first half of Aoki's set was pretty good as he mixed 'Transcend', 'Steve Jobs' and his other classic Dim Mak productions as well as some ill remixes to stuff from Vinylmoverz, A-Trak and such. It was about an hour in when he brought out at least 3 new dope tracks that he acknowledged the freshness of but he didn't mention the tracks names. One was a really juicy yet crunchy dub style song. I'm sure those will hit SoundCloud at some point soon though.

Right in that hour in is when shit just started to get really bananas. Aoki threw out his infamous raft into the sea of electro-heads. Then with the help of some of us right above his booth he climbed up to the VIP balcony and jumped down a floor into the raft and proceeded to float along through Glow Stick Ocean. Thankfully theĀ gogo platform was removed for this event or the boat may not have left the dock.

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Let me just take a minute to give some propers to AXIS RADIUS and SLE/DDP for their support in moving EDM forward in the valley. At the front of the millenium, I was a part of this culture but it was all underground, restricted to deserts and abandoned warehouses, not respected and those on the outside associated the scene with shit other than music, fun and love. It's quite a pleasure to see how it has grown, improved and opened people up. I'm looking forward to what 2013 and beyond brings us.

Back to the disco and Steve Aoki's shenanigans where there was more champagne spraying everywhere and even getting on the techno light chandelier 50 feet above. Not only did the antics and the crowd get crazier but Aoki's track selection did too. All this chaos ensued with 'Turbulence' but I loved the remixes he did on New Order's 'Confusion' [you know the vampire club song from Blade] and The Refused's 'New Noise' which is the opening track off his debut albumĀ Pillowface And His Airplane Chronicles back in 2008. He dropped that 'Scary Bolly Dub' from Skrillex too.

Aston Shuffle warmed it up for Steve Aoki with a phat set including some pretty good remixes to Empire Of The Sun ['Walking On A Dream'], M83 ['Midnight City'] and Ellie Goulding ['Lights']. The entire night and lineup was superb and if you didn't make it out you really missed out. I mean, even Wilmer Valderrama had to come town for this event [apparently he is part of Aoki's entourage now?]. Next majors up at AXIS RADIUS: Ferry Corsten [2.16] and Manufactured Superstars [2.23]. Get after it and save the drama for Wilmer Valderrama.



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