New Vids >> Yeasayer + Daedelus / Strung Out + The Ataris

Surprise shows >> in the valley this week has started September off to a killer start. Yeasayer crushed Crescent Ballroom [Phoenix] on Labor Day and Strung Out got nasty at The Nile Theater [Mesa] on Wednesday.

To be fair, these weren't technically surprise shows but it was a surprise that artists like Daedelus and The Ataris opened for the headlining Yeasayer and Strung Out, respectively. They were strange but fun combos and each show was certainly superb. Furthermore, discovering that the aforementioned openers were on the bill [merely moments before game time at the venue] was a very pleasant surprise to say the least.

Yeasayer gets the MVP out of this foursome [no contest - they are unbelievably great live]. Check out the vids below. More Yeasayer footage is posted on the zBORED YouTube channel as well as more from Daedelus, Strung Out and The Ataris.

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