New Videos >> Santigold at Crescent Ballroom

Videos from >> the Santigold show at Crescent Ballroom on Monday have been posted to the zBORED YouTube channel. Her long awaited return to Arizona and first time visiting Phoenix was a long time sold out show that most definitely lived up to the hype. Phoenix we go hard.

Sanitgold at Crescent Ballroom

Currently on the southwest leg of the Master of My Make-Believe tour, Santigold played the ultra intimate venue downtown which was perfect for how active and engaging she was during an uber-intriguing, poly-outfitted performance.  She had a full band of dudes behind her wearing weird white Frankstein wigs and perhaps the best surprise of the evening was her endlessly energetic dancers/back-up singers who had the coolest moves ever. They even worked a variety of props into their routines like umbrellas, sledge hammers and brief cases. I've stolen every move I can remember and I'll be demo-ing them next time I hit the disco floor.

Santi performed a nice blend of the illest tracks from her latest album as well as her self-titled debut [under Santogold back then]. She opened with 'GO!' like her latest LP does but unfortunately no Karen O to accompany her on stage like I had hoped for. Then she hit us with 'L.E.S. Artistes' [which I thought she would open with] and the rest of the show pretty much followed that 1st-2nd release pattern. There are so many good tracks on both and she got to all of my favorites like the aforementioned, 'Shove It', 'Lights Out', 'Freak Like Me' and 'Disparate Youth' which I love a million times more now after Monday night. I can't wait to relive this show all over again at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands later this summer.

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