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Friends Manifest >> hits the US storefronts tomorrow. It's the first full length studio release from the Brooklyn-based band although many of the tracks have been out for over a year now like 'Friend Crush' which is the jam that initially got me into these cronies last summer.

Friends >> ManifestThe dozen track album opens with 'Friend Crush' and wastes no time getting funky on the drums and thick bass thereafter with 'Sorry' and 'Home'. I really like 'A Light' [track 5] which features sexy layered vocals, heavy synth and some tight distortion [rare on this album] collectively making for a neo new-wave jam. I have probably listened to it 50 times this past week.

The tempo starts to slow a little at about the halfway point of the album after 'I'm His Girl' which I've grown to like more and more because I'm instantly reminded of when the lead singer came into the crowd and sang this song at Crescent Ballroom in April. She is hot and so is the girl who plays bass and other miscellaneous thingamajigs. They will be back here in Phoenix at the same venue June 30th and I will be there again for sure.

Pick up your copy of Manifest tomorrow at Zia or get after the soft copy on iTunes tomorrow for $9.99. Do it.

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