New Videos > 311 at Comerica Theatre

Videos from 311 > back in the desert have been posted to the zBORED YouTube channel. They played Marquee in Tempe this February and this second dose of the Omahaliens featured 2 back-to-back sets in downtown Phoenix [plus the standard encore, that is]. This was my 11th time seeing 311 live and direct and as always it was good times and great music.

311 > Comerica Theatre

The quintet did it right opening with 'Do You Right' [one of my faves from their debut album Music] and kept it old school following that up with 'Offbeat Bare Ass' from the sophomore release Grassroots [for real!]. Over the last 12 years I've been at 311 shows, they've always done a good job at playing a variety of their gems across all albums [even the EP's and bootlegs]. Mad propers for not forgetting what got them where they are nearly 20 years later. The only issue I see with that is as they release more albums, that song selection representing those albums gets smaller and smaller; Friday's double set was comprised of about 30 songs so we only got a 2 or 3 track sample size of their album anthology performance.

Nonetheless, that show was the blastest blast and I did get to hear a bunch of my favorites like 'Beautiful Disaster', 'Amber' and 'Eons'. I'll definitely be at the next show here in the desert and hopefully on the 311 Caribbean cruise next spring. Enjoy the vids!

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