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Homebrew in Tempe > featured 311 at Marquee Theatre and as expected the Omaha Stylee quintet killed it with the famous energy that keep them elite amongst actives after nearly 2 decades. They opened with 'Down' and that's exactly what shit went on Mill avenue Tuesday night.


311 killed it as expected because at this point it's beyond as usual after a reliable dozen years of superbly shredding 10 shows I've seen in that span. They are a quality band to the max because every one of those shows were vastly unique particularly in terms of the set list.

Sure, ditties like 'Beautiful Disaster' and 'Amber' have become givens at a 311 show but they also rock 'Random' gems from each of their studio releases since Music, mix in some of the lost tracks that have only made the bootlegs, and drop distinctly nasty solos from the supporting wizardry in Chad, P-Nut and Tim.

My favorite randos of the evening were 'Prisoner' in the 2-hole and 'My Stony Baby' when I was able to make my way to front stage toward the end of the show. I got some good footage of the latter but it's limited to quality visual only since P-Nut's bass got the best of my Flip and distorted much of the vocals when he beat that thing - I haven't uploaded several other random showzen vids of the sort onto the zBORED YouTube Channel [zBOREDtube] for this very reason. The Cisco kids really need to develop a camcorder for intense sound. I've asked a few times, but they're not listening and, nonetheless, it's words for a different episode from yours truly.

The moral of the story is go to the show next time 311 comes to town. For real     :j Marc

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