New Videos > Skrillex & 12th Planet at Marquee Theatre

Videos from the Mothership Tour > with Skrillex and 12th Planet are now up on the zBORED YouTube channel. It's been a long post-Halloween hangover week so get off me! All Hallows' Eve and Sunday Funday was celebrated at Marquee Theatre in Tempe for a night filled with a sick sick roster of DJ's with ill ill filter skills.

Skrillex > at Marquee Theatre

Upon parking my beach cruiser in front of Marquee Sunday evening and making it through a standard sold-out-show line of fellow music freaks, I had to bypass the bar because I was drawn to the sounds of Two Fresh getting down on the decks. These two brothas/brothers [they're twins I think] were accompanied by a drummer and together they hit us with some dope Hip-Hop beats that sounded jazzy and lounge-ish mixed with a flare of the underground shit from the early 90's. If these dudes roll back through the desert I'm definitely checking them out again.

Next up was 12th Planet, who I got to see in Chicago at Lollapalooza this summer but only for like 5 minutes. That 5 minutes wasn't all that superb but perhaps I wasn't totally into it because I do remember being awfully frustrated trying to get ahold of 100 friends on my extremely limited signal strength [standard at Lolla] in Grant Park that day. Needless to say, this time around was better and it was also fucking fresh. He dropped a variety of wobbly Drum and Bass shit throughout his set, throwing in some Jungle here and there and setting up Skrillex proper with some nasty Dubstep [he even threw down Doctor P's 'Tetris' remix, which is one of the tracks that got me into this shit last year]. He's a hype-man at heart, you can certainly tell. He constantly moved around the stage and was always dancing and convulsing and giving us orders between drops, all sergeant-like. He's a showman for sure and I can't wait to check out another set again. Sooo dope!

Finally, the main event. Skrillex. Marquee was filled to the brim at this point and it was loud as shit while he got down with all of the illness that has made him so popular in the electronic scene the past year and half. He knew his prowess had reached the desert since his show in Scottsdale this spring so he confidently hit the kill on several occasions at Marquee and let the crowd sing hooks, bridges, verses and even samples [Call 911 now! Yes! OH MY GOSH!]. My favorite of these was when he left it to the crowd for Penny's portions of 'All I Ask Of You' and Afrojack's 'Take Over Control' which was right after he asked of the a-holes in the front to stop fighting [seriously, how old are we? and are what kind of party are we at? Jebus, people.]. Skrillex mixed for nearly 2 hours and he mixed up the tunes drastically throughout his set even dropping classic shit from Kris Kross [jump! jump!], The Jets [you found out! I got a crush on you!] and Naughty By Nature [hip hop hip hip hop hip hip hop hooray]. Of course, what Skrillex set would be complete without 'Cinema'? He threw that hit into the mix and even mixed some Nero 'Promises' into it [soo tight!]. He finished his set [prior to the encore, that is] with and uber-extended mix of his famous gem 'Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites' which was def legit. Such a fun show. Can't wait to party Skrillex-style a third time.

Check out the rest of the videos on the zBORED YouTube channel

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