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Videos from Fall Frenzy > over the weekend have been posted on the zBORED YouTube Channel so check them out when you have a chance, I posted my favorite one below. It features Jimmy Eat World wrapping up their set with 'Sweetness'. Not only is this one of my favorite JEW songs but it's also a single from their Bleed American album which was released 10 summers ago. So while we celebrated the end of the brutal desert summer at Fall Frenzy we algo got to celebrate with Jimmy and company the 10th birfday of arguably their best album and a finally coming back home to the desert and finishing up a nearly year-long Invented tour. It was a great show and you'll see that there was some great energy in the crowd of thousands of heads listening, whooooooaaaa-ing and singing it back [get it?]. I also got some vid of 'The Authority Song'.

I was supposed to be in the photo pit for Matt and Kim but their tour manager gave me incorrect set times so I got there too late to pick up my photo pass. Bummer about that but in the end I enjoyed being up front drinking beers anyway. With my non-drinking hand I was able to capture 'Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare', their cover of Alice Deejay's 'Better Off Alone' and a cool jam sesh they did before closing out their set with 'Daylight'. Fun show they put on but I think I like the shows they headline better, especially their show at the Clubhouse last year.

I did get some video of a few Blink-182 songs like 'Always', 'Josie' and 'Our First Date' but we were up mad close for all of Blink's show and right near the speakers. That proximity plus Travis' kick drums and Flip's inferior built-in mic make for shitty-quality footage that I shouldn't share with you until I get it cleaned up or audio-swapped. Stay tuned and I'll let you know when that happens. Peace in the east valley yo.

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