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Various Artists Lollapalooza Sampler 2011 > the map that got handed to us immediately upon getting through the gates had a gift attached: 40 free songs on iTunes!

Lollapalooza Sampler 2011

I just redeemed this bad boy and the Lolla compilation turned out to be 53 tracks from various artists who performed over the 3 days. It's a cool mix thus far. I'm getting an opportunity to listen to a lot of the artists that I didn't see over the weekend for one reason or another.

Many I've never heard of [Grouplove, Kids These Days, Pretty Lights, Rival Schools]. Some I'd seen before and really enjoyed but just couldn't convince my body to rally that early [Daedelus & Flogging Molly started at 2 and 4 but even that late is tough on Sunday]. Others I missed because it just wasn't in the cards to get after it, mainly because of the conflicts with other headlining acts [My Morning Jacket vs Beirut & Eminem, Cold War Kids vs Deadmau5, Kid Cudi & Foo Fighters].

Aside from the aforementioned misses, there are tracks from show-stoppers that are just sweet reminders of what a great outing it turned out to be. Local Natives, The Kills and Deadmau5, to name a few, killed it and did happen to get to these particular tracks that are featured on the sampler.

If you haven't already thrown away this gem-disguised-as-garbage, locate it and enter those magic alphanumerics into your iTunes. Otherwise, Tweet at me and maybe we can work something out ;)

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