Tanlines >> First Experience x 2 in Phoenix [Valley Bar]

Valley Bar >> is pretty awesome as far as I can tell. Reasonably priced creative signature drinks, board games and darts that only require an ID trade off...? I'm in.

Tanlines >> Valley Bar

As a side note: they have done some cool things with the ceilings in the place.

Due to the ownership, it's expected to be similar to the Little Woody, Crescent Ballroom, etc. But my best description is that Valley Bar is a speakeasy, show-ready with enough room to house your closest [250+] friends. I hope my favorite bands don't get big so I can see them here.

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Mas Ysa opened for Tanlines tonight. The fact that a solo man, in what looked like cutoff JNCO's and bare feet, was creating so much sound was pretty impressive. He sounded as expected per Spotify. His stage presence was great - he owned the stage, joked about singing until the next guy claimed his karaoke spot and killed it in between.

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Post Mas Ysa break, Tanlines took the stage. It was apparently their first time playing Phoenix [as we found out after the show] and they didn't have a ton of confidence in us as a crowd from what they had heard. Luckily I think we exceeded their expectations.

And they deserved it. They spent most of their time playing, with some banter between songs that kept it personal. I was standing behind the speakers and was still impressed by the consistency of their sound. My biggest observation was that the crowd was having fun - true I-spilled-my-whole-drink-stop-the-show sort of fun. The kind of fun you have when you dance around to Tanlines in your bedroom with the door closed.

We got the chance to take a quick picture with the guys after the show and they were super friendly which is always a pleasant surprise. It seemed that they are still getting used to a sold out show, regardless of the venue size. But good for them - they played an outstanding show and stuck around to meet the crowd afterward [which is huge if you ask me!].



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