Every concert addict and ticket hoarder needs this Create-Your-Own-Cover Ticket Album

If you're a concert addict or festival junkie mixed with a little bit of a memento hoarder mixed in then you need this Create-Your-Own-Cover Ticket Album.

For the better part of the last few decades, my ever growing collection of ticket stubs had been stored in an old Nike shoebox from prep school. Not only were these precious musical memories scattered and disorganized as shit, they were cohabiting that box with a hot pink pacifier, some dead glow sticks, some fucking Vicks VapoRub and other embarrassing reminders of what my last few years of being a teenager was about.

Now the hundreds of small paper trophies that allowed me access to the greatest moments in live music addiction over the years are now properly organized and preserved in a simple yet very cool album.

Each album holds 96 standard size ticket stubs and it's completely customizable since both the front and back covers are also see-through sleeves to display pictures, flyers or small posters up to 7.75" x 8.5".

The Create-Your-Own-Cover Ticket Album is only $10-ish so if you are or someone you know is a live music whore like me, get after this now [I'm now in need of a 3rd album sooo just saying]. Don't let your beloved 311, Wu-Tang and AFI tickets get greasy from eucalyptus ointment like I did.



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