The Limousines >> Hush in Scottsdale [Pub Rock]

The Limousines >> rolled through Pub Rock in Scottsdale on Friday night headlining a spectacular show that also featured MONA and Dresses on the bill. It was a cold and rainy night in the desert but some sizzling performances and an absurd amount of Fireball kept the pub-rockers warm for days.

The Limousines >> Pub Rock, Scottsdale

The stretch limo duo from The Bay Area are currently wrapping up the left coast leg of their Hush album tour in time for Thanksgiving. Their sophomore album dropped this summer thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign with them calling all the shots and the direction of their creative endeavors limitless.

Backing their project was a no-brainer for me, wanting more of what I saw at Outside Lands 2011 and their tour with The Sounds. Plus it was the best way to support some fellow native NOR*CAL gents from all the way over here in the desert.

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Their 2010 debut Get Sharp was fucking superb and didn’t leave the deck in my whip for like 2 months when I first got it but it appears since Eric and Gio have dropped their label, they have also dropped any urge to perform any such pre-Hush tracks.

They opened with 'Love Is A Dog From Hell' from Hush and everything that followed was also from said release. Don't get it twisted, I love this album and I'm happy for the fellas but it was kinda shitty to bypass the album and all the songs that earned them a strong following.

I asked Eric and Gio about it after the show and both explained that they just didn't feel like doing old stuff despite the requests from some cute girls in the crowd all over their nuts. I didn't press the issue because you have to respect what the artists' intents are but really I just wanted to go about my maniacal Fireball night a like a professional thanks to the $5 whiskey + PBR combos at Pub Rock.

Nonetheless it was still a very fun night and the bonus was really great performance by MONA and a proper introduction to the fun sounds of Dresses.



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