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November >> remember, remember the 5th of November for today is the first New Music Tuesday of the month and it starts off with 4 great artists dropping albums: Eminem, Cut Copy, M.I.A. and Hellogoodbye. Then to follow them throughout the month of Thanksgiving is Lady Gaga, Crosses and Less Than Jake. We're closing in on a new year but the big hitters in the industry aren't slowing down a bit.

Eminem >> The Marshall Mathers LP 2

It's been a long time waiting for a lot of these said artists but what I'm most excited about is Eminem because this is the sequel to his sophomore studio release and my favorite album. It was highly anticipated for me because it came just 1 short but anxious year after I first saw Em on stage back at Warped ’99 when the tour used to kick off in Phoenix. This is the point I became a huge Slim fan.

The Slim Shady LP had recently been released and Marshall Mathers’ only claim to fame was a gimmicky ‘My Name Is’ track which I wasn’t particularly fond of at that point, not unlike many others. For at least that show, he was plugged into the Warped Tour lineup in place of Cypress Hill.

It wasn’t a pleasant surprise for nearly everyone at the festival and when he got on stage with Proof he was welcomed with boos, negative chants, flying bottles and garbage. He earned my respect during ‘Just Don’t Give a Fuck’ when he swatted an empty water bottle that came at him and flipped off the person he saw throw it, then without even missing a beat just kept spitting his filthy flow. The boos eventually softened whilst more and more heads nodded. A decade and a half later Slim Shady is still one of my favorite hip-hop artists ever.

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The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is available today so pick it up and look out for my review of it and the Cut Copy album. In the mean time, check out the release dates below for all the other great stuffing to gobble gobble up in November.

Cut Copy Free Your Mind >> 11.5

Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 >> 11.5

Hellogoodbye Everything Is Debatable >> 11.5

James Blunt Moon Landing >> 11.5

Luscious Jackson Magic Hour >> 11.5

M.I.A. Matangi >> 11.5

Erasure Snow Globe >> 11.11

Lady Gaga Artpop >> 11.11

Less Than Jake See The Light >> 11.12

††† [Crosses]  >> 11.12

Chris Brown X >> 11.19

Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong Foreverly >> 11.25

Future Honest >> 11.25



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