NERVO >> Like Home in Scottsdale [Maya Day+Nightclub]

NERVO >> made themselves right at home in Scottsdale last night. The twins from down under rolled through old town to spin a power 2-hour set in celebration of the first ever Night Swim at Maya Day & Night Club.

NERVO >> Maya Day & Nightclub

The Aussies went on around 9pm in front of a pool party already getting down all day and getting warmed up by Scottsdale's own DJ Noah Wylie in addition to the desert 108 degrees. Upon sunset was a fun set by 2 of the most fun-loving girls in the industry. Along with their electronic artistry comes a double dose of very electric personas and it is undeniably contagious for everyone in their booth's radius.

Miriam and Olivia rocked the ones and twos and ones and twos in the midst of many antics and without missing a beat. While one would work the deck, the other would interact with the party people. They turned around to dance with the folks in VIP, caught and threw a few beach balls, posed for millions of pics and even grabbed a few cellies to take selfies for those lucky mobile owners.

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I love these girls and their energy but I really love their set list too. While half of their tracks didn't seem to travel outside of BP's top-62 they remixed the shit out of those beautifully. The other half were a little more obscure and even better mixing in anything from new wave to new rave and indie. I really liked the super crunchy versions of Lykke Li to Depeche Mode to Imogen Heap in that pocket of the set.

The best part of the evening was when they dropped 'Like Home' and did the gestures with everyone around the pool. Even DJ Scotty Boy had to come over from next door to partake in the party that ensued.

With a set and energy like that I think they'll always have a home in Scottsdale. Mad propers to SLE for bringing anther power artist in these Aussies and when they come back out again you definitely don't want to miss it. For reals.



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