Video Vault >> DJ AM + Kanye West [2007]

Magic Las Vegas >> is taking place this week and what better a fit for today's Throwback Thursday videos that were taken in Sin City for the Magic, Project and Pool apparel shows back in 2007. The late, great pioneer DJ AM rocked a Diesel shindig at Playboy Club one night and Kanye West headlined a show at Aladdin's amphitheatre that also featured Gnarls Barkley and Lupe Fiasco.

DJ AM >> Playboy Club

There was a time back in the day when I was dating a Hollywood fashionista and was pretty fascinated with that side of the apparel business. Or maybe it was just getting to go to Vegas every February and August for a week to partake in all the industry's parties and tomfoolery without actually having to work in it. Either way this particular Magic week was my favorite.

Check out some of the clips from AM's set and Kanye's performance below and as always the rest are housed on the zBORED YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Yeah, I know the Vegas code and I fucking broke it. Get off me.



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