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Metric >> returned to the valley last night for at least the second time since I've been following them. This time they played Marquee and this time I was actually able to go. It was long awaited but it was worth the wait. They crushed it. Emily, namely. She not only soothed us with her hot Canadian vocals but got down on her saucy Canadian keyboard for a tight jam sesh in the opening song and later she shredded a mean Canadian guitar.

Metric >> Marquee Theatre

Metric opened with 'Artificial Nocturne' which is the opening track off their new album Synthetica. They actually followed the the album sequence on the next 2 songs as well with 'Youth Without Youth' and 'Speed The Collapse'. Obvi this being their Synthetica tour they played the majority of this release like the title track and 'Breathing Underwater'. Unfortunately, they didn't get to my favorite track 'The Void'. I love all of the album though. It's probably their best yet. Yeah it is.

The old stuff they got to was the dope stuff that got me into them like 'Help I'm Alive' and 'Stadium Love' which they closed with - that is, until the standard encore which included 'Black Sheep', 'Gold Guns Girls' and a sick outro acoustic version of 'Gimme Sympathy' that we got sing along to with her on repeat [super cheesy but okay it was super fun].

I would love to see Emily and the squad rock the fuck out again soon but according to her monologue they were wrapping up a super short 6-week tour. It would be total radness to the max to see them play Toronto. I guess I'm just itching to go back to Canada. I bet they'll be at Coachella though.

It was a tight show. Check out the vids below if you don't believe me. The rest of the footage is housed on the zBORED YouTube Channel. Go there.

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