New Videos >> Factories & Ladylike at Crescent Ballroom

Videos from the Factories >> CD release show at Crescent Ballroom on Thursday night have been posted to the zBORED YouTube channel. The night featured opening acts from Chasing Kings [Los Angeles] and Ladylike [Phoenix] who warmed up the downtown crowd with some unique styles of rock. Chasing Kings, fronted by a dude in overalls who sang, played guitar and tickled the ivories, played a fun show to kick things off at Crescent.

Ladylike got it going next and I pretty much loved that set. They played with tons of energy, threw down a few covers and kept it all the way live with uptempo happy, happy retro style jams that seemed perfectly fitting for an 80's movie montage of your choice [insert b-rolls of hopeless romantic doing friend zone activities with girl next door to the tune of the described aforementioned or this jam]. They ended with another happy na-na-na song as Factories simultaneously took stage and finished out the set with them which I thought was pretty rad. I'm most definitely going to check out more shows from Ladylike in the future.

Factories CD Release ShowFactories opened their own set with 'Canada' after their jam with Ladylike. It was my second time seeing the Tempe homegrown band at Crescent since first seeing their performance opening for Toro Y Moi last month. This was a much better show for them. Their March show was interesting enough to get me to this show but Thursday night was a whole new level of energy. The stage was theirs and they owned the crowd too. They played most of the songs on their Together release [add this album on Spotify immediately because it's tight] which were all dope but I think my favorite was one of their last songs which was a cover of 'Dancing In The Dark' by Bruce Springsteen. I wish I got footage of that too but I was busy dancing my face off like Courtney Cox and the dude from the video resembling Hollywood from Mannequin. You know [1:40].

It was a really fun show and I can't wait to see Factories again. I'm pretty glad they rep Tempe and are part of a desert scene that is just starting to bubble again. They are cool peeps too; it's always a treat to meet genuine talent with genuine modesty. I'll keep you posted on any of their upcoming shows. Peace.

Factories w/ Marc & Tash

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