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The Raveonettes Raven in the Grave > today the noisy Danish duo release their 5th full length album since forming in Copenhagen a decade ago, giving 2011 music its first superb cut out of April. The Raveonettes

This LP is much more mellow than any stuff you've probably heard from the Raves in the past, especially in the middle 2 tracks 'Summer Moon' and 'Let Me On Out' when the tempo slows, the drums disappear and the chimes make their presence more known. The rest of Raven in the Grave reflects the classic Raveonettes' sound but reflected in a more mature manner. The vocals are well balanced between Sune and Sharin when they're not in perfect harmony and they seem to embrace the indie noise they helped pioneer and strengthen with heavily continuous distortion and echoing strings.

Raven in the Grave

Aside from the aforementioned progression in technique, the profoundly melancholy tone along with the 60' s rhythm that The Raveonettes are famous for is still present. The sound is like an electrifying cross between The Velvet Underground and Indian Jewelry and if that sounds superb to you then you'll really like Raven in the Grave.     :j Marc

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