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Cut Copy Zonoscope > today the Aussie electro-poppers release their third album from the label down under Modular Recordings.

Cut Copy

The sweet synth sounds from Cut Copy's previous LP's remain intact with even more shift into the new wave 80's but slightly less tempo on a few tracks and thus some less jig-triggering. Nonetheless, it's been quite a pleasure to have Cut Copy on my Phoenix Open week party soundtrack and now I'm even more anxious to see them live at Coachella this April.

My favorite tracks are definitely in the front half of the album. The opening track 'Need You Now' sets the tone of this release nicely with a chill buildup and an easy transition into some cuts that are more familiarly dancey like 'Pharaohs & Pyramids' and 'Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution'.

A handful of tracks in the middle are a perfect blend of a richer Empire of the Sun and some softer Klaxons. There's also some fun harp-like keyboards and pop-strumming in songs like 'Take Me Over' and 'Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat' that remind me of the last of Fleetwood Mac's good stuff.


Cop that disc and make it part of your retro-electro loop at the next party. Do it.

:j Marc

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