September, say that you remember

September : fall back > we have bittersweetly made it to September and as this stupendous summer sunsets a technically autumn month surfaces. So while I direct the summer's antics and fantastic voyages around the country into my head movies, I also cut the scenes of hellish heat and monsoon teases.

Bring on the fall. I have ants in my pants for cool desert climate, First Fridays, concerts, patios, football, basketball, sloshball, Halloween and a plethora of other unspecified shenanigans [yes, some of these are present during summer as well but hardly enjoyable in such scorching degrees].

Aside from the cyclical delights, plenty of artists and entertainers will roll through the desert this month like the Pixies and Daniel Tosh. September holds good times ahead I look forward to sharing these times w/ you, be it in the moment or via this weblog.

Happy labor day to you     @Marc :j
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