311 >> Offbeat Bare Ass in Tucson [Rialto Theatre]

311 >> is continuing on their nationwide Stereolithic album tour and found their way back to the desert this weekend, this time in Tucson, AZ. They headlined a masterfully magnificent show at a historical gem, The Rialto Theatre.

311 >> Rialto Theatre

The show in AZ's dirty south came just 5 weeks after 311's show at the Talking Stick pool at the end of June. Having just covered that 'Showdown' in Scottsdale and this being my 17th time seeing them, let's 'Purpose' this post on the venue itself since this was my first 'Visit'. See what I did there? Moving on.

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Normally I would avoid Tucson like the plague but the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands of all time at a vintage venue that I've always been curious about was not something I could pass up.

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The Rialto Theatre is over 100 years old and although it wasn't always a music venue, in recent years it has established itself as a staple in the concert community as well as an official historical registrant in the United States, meaning the site is worthy of preservation. Thus, I'll allow it. Okay.

Rialto Theatre

Rialto's interior is very similar to Marquee Theatre in Tempe with its dark walls and gloomy, industrial feel. The design is practically identical as well but more so prior to Marquee's recent renovation and demolition of the main room's entrance and balcony. If Rialto ever decides to renovate, hopefully they preserve some of the subtly vintage charm that was so great about Marquee which is now gone and replaced with cheesy art, ultra lounge light fixtures and technologically inferior live feed cameras and video screens. I do love the efficiency and seemingly increased capacity at Marquee but the character was demolished along with the walls. Nonetheless, it's still one of my favorite venues in the valley okay, Lucky Man?

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Anyway, Rialto sounded great and although there was an apparent weird smell about it, the weird crowd and weird town outside made for a very interesting and very fun Saturday night. Tucson still ranks high on the armpit turd town list but it definitely got some points for this weekend's experience. Smell you later, Tucson.

Setlist: Beautiful Disaster * Don't Stay Home * Showdown * Sand Dollars * Sunset In July * Do You Right * All Mixed Up * Boom Shanka * Purpose * Applied Science * Lovesong * First Dimension * Hive * Made In The Shade * Come Original * The Great Divide * Amber * Offbeat Bare Ass * Friday Afternoon * Creatures [For A While] * ENCORE: Tranquility * Down



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