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Hot Chip In Our Heads >> is finally out today for US yankees [released yesterday in EU]. It's the 5th full length album from the lads of London and thus far after a few iPad revolutions this 11-track release is already much better than their last [One Life Stand] which I think has been their most inferior - too many long, annoying and boring tracks IMO. But this one is stronger than Coming On Strong and is comprised of several songs with more of an electro-pop formula, moving back into the direction of my favorite of their albums Made In The Dark. Clearly they want us to dance more and hopefully we can do just that if they hit the desert on this tour since they practically avoided the left coast altogether on their last tour a few years ago.

Cop your hard copy at Zia for $7.99 or download it on iTunes at the same rate. Do it.

Hot Chip >> In Our Heads

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