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Tropics Parodia Flare > hits the US stores and worldwide internet machine today. It's the first full length album from the British phenom, Chris Ward. He produces, lays down his own vocals, plays drums and guitar, is skilled with the synths, all of which can be found on this release and he's only in his early 20's. Even more baffling, he recorded this entire album at home from inside a walk-in closet! But don't let the makeshift studio production fool you - the sound is sophisticated, layered brilliantly and put together in such an intricate fashion.

Tropics > Parodia Flare

His inherited music savvy and years of fine-tuning his talents really shine through on Parodia Flare. There's a variety of really unique sounds throughout this release and it's all laced into an audial euphoric form that I love the more I hear it. The hints of waves, rain, wind and other natural sounds subtly infused into lounge-like tempo remind me of some of the transitions between tracks on ATB's Movin' Melodies or Robert Miles' Dreamland except this album embraces those mesmerizing sounds, like soft trance minus the BPM.

Tropics is a good name for Chris Ward, give this album a listen and you'll hear why. You can get Parodia Flare on iTunes now for $9.99 or get the hard copy and support your local music store [Zia has it for the same price].

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