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Rock n roll > this Sunday Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe were shut down for one of the biggest organized races in the country: the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon & Half Marathon. The Arizona leg of the nationwide run starts in downtown Phoenix in front of the state capitol and ends in Tempe at Sun Devil Stadium.

PF Chang's Rock n Roll Marathon & Half Marathon

Some of the party posse ran the 1/2 marathon and for most of us that 13.1 miles was the longest distance we'd ever ran. The desert winter Sunday morning boasted unsurprising perfect weather but the run itself was a blissful hell. Keeping up with a 6-foot-4 Canadian cyclist for 2 hours 13 minutes was tough enough and weaving through 20K runners/joggers/walkers while all injuries over the last 2 years hint at resurfacing added an entirely new challenge level to both body and psyche.

Nonetheless, it felt great to finish alive and start 2011 off with a big goal accomplished. Cheers to all the new personal records across zBORED     :j Marc

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