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Funny tele > this Thursday evening brings sitcomical tidings with new seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League on FX.

First off it's sweet Dee and the gang from Paddy's Pub in their 6th season of Philly funny. In tonight's premier Mac fights gay marriage. His endeavor to protect the sanctity of marriage should be just as intriguing as his ill-intended efforts in the abortion rally so tonight's episode should be another laughathon for sure. Played by the show's creator, Rob McElhenney, Mac has really grown on me since the first season and into my fav character when the night man w/ cat eyes cameth to rape the boy in Charlie's play. I can hardly wait for what will ensue with the gang this season. The LOL's are back!

Following Sunny is the second season of The League and the timing is perfect during week 2 of everyone's fantasy football season. This show's concept is so simple yet genius and it certainly does not hurt to have funny mofos Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer as main characters. Every guy and an increasing population of the ladies can relate to this show since fantasy football has taken off to an insane level.

Not unlike so many other people I know, my participation and dedication to fantasy sports have grown tenfold. In football alone, I am now taking on 3 fantasy teams, 2 pick'ems and a survivor league. I'll probably be awful in each but it will be months of intrigue to accompany the investment.

So who's hands will be fondling the Shiva this year? Will Dr. Dre and his dental goalposts be victorious again or will some other sucktard take the trophy? I'm willing to turn this into bet if anyone is interested. Yes, it has come to this.

Here's a to prosperous fantasy football season to all of you and cheers to all the ladies with vaginal hubris. Please enjoy this classic gem by Taco :j

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