Crystal Castles >> Intimate Alice Practice in Tempe [Marquee Theatre]

Crystal Castles >> came to Tempe and conquered Marquee Theatre just as anticipated. It was a sold out crowd comprised of a wide array of eclectic peeps but all fellow electro heads at heart and there to see Alice Glass and Ethan Kath absolutely crush it.

Crystal Castles >> Marquee Theatre

I'm pretty sure this was my favorite show of 2013 thus far. There have been at least 20 just this year on top of a few festivals as well but Wednesday was the most powerful. It's not that often I dance my ass off uncontrollably, ecstatically, drenched in sweat, in the middle of the week and without a drop of vodka. This performance not only bested a stellar one at Lollapalooza 2011 but definitely lived up to a highly anticipated follow-up nearly 2 years later. Speaking of Lolla, Crystal Castles are back on the bill this year and so is The Cure. So what? My guess is Robert Smith will get on the mic for a 'Not In Love' remix. But shhhhh. This is how rumors start.

The setlist featured a nice balance between all 3 of CC's albums with a little lean on the November release III. One of my favorite tracks off said LP is 'Insulin' which they played for just 1 minute and 47 seconds, precisely how long that song actually is. I really wish it was longer. Like 3 minutes longer. I get lost in the hornet buzz anthem style every time and Alice's muffled, emotionally charged vocals just kill me. But I still got lost in that rendition nonetheless so much thanks to the now-blonde Miss Glass for taking me into that trance again and this time from 20 feet away.

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Crystal Castles will return to the desert again this October when the open for Depeche Mode at Desert Sky Pavilion and should be my 3rd or 4th time seeing them in 2013. Can't fucking wait for another dose!



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