New Videos >> Mord Fustang + Tranzit at Wild Knight

Thanksgiving weekend >> featured a feast of juicy electronic I got to stuff my face with Friday night at Wild Knight. Mord Fustang played the main dish and with some Tranzit on the side and to get the appetite going was Brett Ortiz who just got in from 2001.

Mord Fustang >> Wild Knight

Brett Ortiz got the night started with a ton from back in the day, infusing his set with 'Toca's Miracle', tracks from Robert Miles and so forth. Then Tranzit took over and absolutely tore shit up. There was a nasty remix to 'The Veldt' [SoundCloud that shit por favor] that directed me from bar to dance floor and that is when it all went to bananas. A hella choppy 'Clint Eastwood' ensued. Then tequila. Followed by a 'Glad You Came' remix. More tequila and then some air-play [if you will] as Tranzit worked the decks in his hands elevated above the table and up to dome territory.

Tranzit gets better and better every time I experience it live and this time I thought he was leagues beyond the level I last saw him. I'm excited to see what 2013 has in store from the dude who has been bubbling strong in AZ for a while.

All the way from Estonia, Mord Fustang dropped it in hard from the get go wasting no time and none of the energy Tranzit helped create just moments before. It was perfectly packed just a tad under the max with a noticeably gorgeous crowd that knew how to keep their shit together. We were just dancing machines being powered by the mondo Tallinnian electro dubstep edits of Zedd to Clockwork and even Bsharry. The best part is when he dropped my favorite of his tracks 'A New World' which was my ringtone for about 3 months last year after seeing that Weetabix cereal commercial. You know. Yeah

It was a dope shindig at Wild Knight; I am a big fan of how they put it together. If you weren't there to brown out with me in old town then have no fear, footage of the freshness was captured. Check it out below and as well as on the zBORED YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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