New Videos >> Childish Gambino at Venue of Scottsdale

Videos from Childish Gambino >> at Venue of Scottsdale have been posted to the zBORED YouTube channel. Gambino aka actor/comedian Donald Glover performed for over an hour Wednesday night in old town in front of a sold out crowd. He killed it on stage with his flow and he sang just as well as he does on the tracks when he lays down vocals. There was a full band that played guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards and even violins at the same energy level as Gambino stretching the stage in all directions. I pretty much heard all of my favorite tracks of his like 'All The Shine' and 'Heartbeat' which got the place really loud with everyone being an extra hypeman on hand.

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino's setlist was comprised of a perfect blend of Camp tracks along with some other gems from the underground and beyond like 'Freaks and Geeks' [but unfortunately no 'I Be On That']. My favorite ones he threw down were the aforementioned and 'You See Me' which has now moved way up to the top of my list. I like how he ended the encore with 'That Power' [last track on Camp] and followed that up with the beat of his spoken poetry at the end of that song while he said thanks and bye to everyone in Scottsdale. I just love that beat I guess.

All in all it was a really solid performance and a fun show, I just wasn't very pleased with the venue. The Venue, formerly known as The Cajun House, still sucks FYI. It's just not a good spot for a concert on account of the long, narrow layout, obstructing columns, trees and chandeliers. The stupid outside/inside decor looks exactly as terrible as it did 10 years ago when I was there last [minus the alligator moats that I got pushed into repeatedly whenever a pit broke out during a punk show]. More importantly, it sounded like shit for the entirety of the opener [Danny Brown] as well as Gambino's first few songs ['Outside' and 'Fire Fly']. Luckily the sound guy finally showed up to work or whatever and fixed the audio early on enough for us to enjoy those 15 or 18 songs that actually did sound right.

Sorry for that rant. I'm just disappointed that the top reason why we go to concerts was an issue when I was a teenager and apparently still is. Luckily my ticket was taken care of. I would have been even more pissed had I spent a dime one and I'll be damned if I pay one moving forward, or even returning for that matter. Venue of Scottsdale, if you're listening, just stick to casino nights or whatever events other than concerts that keep you in business and stop preventing good artists from playing good venues. Amen.

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