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Television in 2013 >> continues to be a mega force in February with the return of a few more great shows on cable.

The Walking Dead Season 3

It's the shortest month of the year and the lineup is slim too but it packs quite the punch. Tuesday night Daniel Tosh and his internet machine helpers return for season 5 of Tosh.0. There will be 30 more episodes of the fruity weirdo souping the shit out of the web gems of the maniacal planet Earth. What sartorial shenanigans will be the staple of this season? My money is on jorts.

This Sunday evening Grimes and the camp of survivors are back when The Walking Dead resumes. I don't really know how I feel about AMC splitting series' seasons in half with 3 month break - it's like 2 really short seasons but it's also half the wait until the next slew of newness.  Whatevs. The important thing is one of my favorite shows is continuing on to take us into the summer.

The Walking Dead's character lineup is even stronger now that Michonne is in full effect and Lori is still dead and these two are the dopest and dumbest, respectively, characters ever. We lost T-Dog some episodes back but we gained another brotha in Tyrese who should be badass 10 times over if consistent with the comic and the character the actor played in The Wire. Happy zombie slaying!

Tosh.0 Season 5 >> TUE 2.5 [Comedy Central]

The Walking Dead Season 3b >> SUN 2.10 [AMC]



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